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Read Text has created a unique program called the “NutriClub. This allows members access to ALL of our top quality products and high grade supplements at deeply discounted prices. You can now pay a fraction of the retail price for the exact same product simply by enrolling in NutriClub. Let’s look at some examples.

Let’s say you take a Joint Care Supplement that retails for $39.95 and pay $4.95 to ship, your total cost is $49.90. That same product will cost only $14.95 to Nutriclub members and has free shipping. The club price is $9.95 so your total cost will be $24.90. You would save $20.00 on that one product alone.

If you took let’s say a joint supplement for $39.95 and a memory booster for $34.95 your cost would be $74.90. (Free shipping since it’s over $50.00). Those same products would cost only $11.95 and $12.95 to Nutriclub members. With the club price of $9.95 your total order cost would be only $33.85, saving you $40.05.

Average Nutriclub savings examples:

Buy 1 product and save $20.00, 2 and save $40.00, 3 saves $75.00, 4 saves $100, 5 saves etc.

*Estimated savings example is based on individual product selection and price.

As you can see the savings multiply with each product you purchase. This program allows you to provide top quality products and supplements for you and your entire family at an affordable price. At Nutriment, we want to cut out the “middle man” and sell directly to you the consumer at these deeply discounted prices.

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out the form and all your Nutriment purchase will be eligible for the discounted club prices. Welcome to the Nurticlub!

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