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Most popular weight loss formulations today use a substantial amount of caffeine to help burn off the fat, unfortunately not only do they take off fat, they tend to break down muscle as well. The result is they leave the user overstimulated with little muscle tone, not exactly the ideal male physique. Vita Plus for her is formulated with less caffeine and more non-stimulating ingredients so that you burn mostly fat—after all, isn’t that the whole idea behind weight loss? This highly comprehensive formulation contains the most effective natural botanicals available for weight loss, including Guarna and green tea extracts, Garcinia cambogia, Kola nut and Citrus aurantium as well as important weight loss support ingredients like chromium, zinc, vanadium and vitamin B6—nearly 40 ingredients in all. If you’re looking to lose the weight, not the muscle tone, then Vita Plus for her is the right weight loss formula for you.

<strong>Why You Vita Plus for her</strong>

If you’ve tried losing weight on your own and the results have been, well, less than spectacular, then you could benefit from a potent and complete weight loss formulation like Vita Plus for her. It’s formulated to give you that extra edge your metabolism needs to push past plateaus—those unsuccessful periods in your weight loss regimen that occur after a month or more of dieting. The idea behind Vita Plus for her is to increase your metabolism so that normal weight loss from dieting and exercise is accelerated; allowing the extra help you need to shed more pounds. Scientifically formulated specifically for men, Vita Plus for her is a healthy weight loss alternative that helps you lose the fat without losing your muscle tone.
<li>Burns Fat While Helping Maintain Muscle Tone</li>
<li>Lower Stimulant Formulation</li>
<li>Many Healthy Support Nutrients</li>
<li>Enhances Metabolism to Assist Weight Loss</li>
<li>All Natural Formula</li>

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